The Rise of the DIY Wedding

Things To DIY Instead Of Buying For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can totally consume you. Want to have a unique wedding where instead of shelling out tons of money on flower arrangements and a dress, you do it all yourself? Check out these ideas. These easy projects take less than an hour, and you’ll be able to shave some unnecessary expenses from your decorating budget.

1. Paper Cone Rice Tossers

Paper Cone Rice Tossers

All you need is some pretty paper and a hole puncher.

You can also fill them with rose petals and hang them on chairs.

2. Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

Guests never really know what to do with their paper programs after the ceremony anyway. Eliminate waste by painting over a large, salvaged mirror with chalkboard paint.

3. Succulent Corsages for the Groom and Groomsmen

Succulent Corsages for the Groom and Groomsmen

All you need are succulents, floral tape, and floral wire. They take about 10–15 minutes to make. The best part is that the corsages stay fresh in the refrigerator, so you can make them up to two weeks in advance.

4. Celestial Wire Orbs

These DIY orbs take only a minute to make, and add a little sparkle to any table setting. Get the full directions here.

5. Pre-Mixed Mason Jar Cocktails

Pre-Mixed Mason Jar Cocktails

While making your own cocktails is actually rather laborious, you will save boatloads of money going this route instead of an open bar, which no one will miss once they see this gorgeous display.

6. Easy Make-Ahead Floral Table Centerpieces

Easy Make-Ahead Floral Table Centerpieces

You don’t need any prior flower arranging experience to create these simple but stunning centerpieces. The best part: You can make them a few days in advance.

7. Colorful Yarn Backdrop

Colorful Yarn Backdrop

Wrap colored yarn around two dowels for a bright table or photobooth backdrop.

8. Ribbon-Tied Chairs

Ribbon-Tied Chairs

9. Ribbon-Tied Backdrop

This method uses wrapped wire ties, which is faster than knotting and helps to make the ribbon drape more neatly.

10. Paper Doilies and Twine Table Settings

Paper Doilies and Twine Table Settings

Simple and elegant for a buffet-style meal.

For a doily theme, wrap your cupcakes in doilies, too. Get the free template here.

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