20 Unexpected Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

As a recent dentist-visiting convert, (having always been terrified) I’m nowvery into looking after my teeth. A trip to the hygienist is the best way to get whiter teeth, but for in-between appointments, why not try these natural ways to keep your teeth white?

If you’re partial to cups of tea, glasses of red wine, buckets of coffee and smoking then you might find your teeth have got discoloured. Find out how to get rid of the stains now… (oh, and if you’re a fan, please share this article – we’re trying to spread the word about our website!).

Try out…

1. Chocolate

Quick, run to the shop.
Nip round to the shop, there’s a dear.

If you’ve ever stuffed your face with chocolate, resulting in a questionable brown smile you might find this one a surprise. Pick up some dark chocolate when you next head to the shop and you will help bacteria from sticking to your teeth. It also contains theobormine , which has been found to be better than fluoride at hardening and re-mineralising tooth enamel.

2. Steak

I’ll have the fillet please. Oooh, & peppercorn sauce.

Chewing a steak will keep mouths and gums exercising which will give them strength. The phosphorus will also help to protect teeth bone and enamel. What a great excuse to head to a fancy restaurant for a tasty bit of  steak.

3. Cheese

Cheeseboard time!

Great news for cheese fans – the yellow treat been found to increase alkaline saliva and forms a protective layer around your teeth which will help keep acid away. Hard cheeses will also help to remove old food from your teeth. Quick, crack out the cheese board.

4. Orange peel

Orange you happy your teeth are so white?

Cut an inch strip of orange peel with the pith (the white) facing you and cover your teeth with it. Rub it back and forth over your teeth and the acid in the orange peel will help to brighten them. Remember to brush your teeth afterwards, but not immediately – you don’t want to damage tooth enamel weakened by acid.

5. Baking soda paste

baking soda
Fizz-tastic stuff.

Mix a couple of teaspoons of baking soda with water or fresh lemon juice to make a paste. After wiping your teeth from saliva with a paper towel, put the paste on your toothbrush and use it to coat your teeth. Leave for a minute and then rinse!

6. Strawberries

Your teeth will be so berry pretty.

Packed full of vitamin C, strawberries will help your yellowing teeth. Once a week, try mashing up some strawberries to make a paste. Rub it onto your teeth – only do this once a week to avoid causing damage to your enamel. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards to reduce the acidity in your mouth.

7. Salt

Take a tiny little wooden spoon…

Got some table salt? Mix a little with some baking soda to make a rub for your gnashers. It’s an inexpensive treatment for your teeth – try it twice a week and see how you go.

8. Lemon

Oh lemon, you really are a useful fruit.

Gargle with the juice of a lemon and rub the peel all over your teeth to help get rid of yellow marks. Like with other fruit solutions, brush your teeth a little while after to avoid erosion from this acidic food.

9. Charcoal

Grab a brush & some coal!

It’s a weird one, but go grab yourself some charcoal powder. Mix it with your regular toothbrush and have a brush. Coffee, tea, wine and plaque will soon be removed – amazing!

10. Apple

Granny Smith, Braeburn or Red Delicious?

An apple-a-day can keep the dentist away too – they will cleanse and brighten your teeth because of their mild acidic nature. This crunchy fruit will help rub away those stains over time. The water content will increase your saliva production as well, which will help with bacteria which leads to plaque.

11. Nuts & seeds

nuts and seeds
Not just for squirrels & birds.

Chew these hard foods to help rub away plaque and stains. They’re also full of healthy fats and protein. Nuts and seeds are not just for woodland creatures!

12. Celery

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The high water content in celery will stimulate saliva production, and you can look forward to getting rid of old food in your mouth as well. Your gums will also be strengthened by that crunch. Plus, it’s pretty darn good for you.

Stay away from…

13. Ice

Ice ice baby, will hurt your teeth maybe.

Stop chewing on ice – it will make your teeth vulnerable and you could end up cracking your teeth! If you find you can’t stop chewing ice, it may be that you have an iron deficiency, so get yourself to a doctor to find out more.

14. Tongue piercings

Get rid of it!

If you’ve ever had your tongue pierced, you’ll know you can’t help but play with it. Rubbing the metal along gums and teeth can damage them – it could even lead to tooth loss.

15. Opening bottles with your teeth

bottle opener
You could probably pick one up for a £1 today.

Don’t risk cracking or chipping a tooth by opening a bottle with your teeth! Perfectly good opening devices exist, so you have no excuses. I’m guessing it would probably hurt as well…

16. Red wine

red wine
Red, red wine. You stain my teeeeeth.

Acids in wine will erode your tooth enamel. It also contains tannins and chromogen, a deep pigment which help the colour stick to your teeth – this is why your teeth often can look red after a glass or two. Try keeping a glass of water for after your drink to help combat the staining effects.

17. Dried fruit

dried fruit
Don’t forget to rinse.

Sticky foods such as dried fruit can damage your teeth because they tend to stay on teeth for a long time. Rinse with water to help get rid of the sticky remains and brush and floss as soon as you get the chance.

18. Crisps

Put down that packet.

Starchy foods like crisps may lead to tooth decay when it gets stuck in between your teeth. Floss after eating a packet to help prevent this. If you can give them a quick brush – even better.

19. Coffee

Step away from the coffee.

The dark colour of coffee and acidity can yellow teeth. If you’re drinking iced coffee, use a straw to keep the liquid away from the front of your mouth. Brush and floss to keep plaque away.

20. Cigarettes

Quit – go on, you CAN do it.

Tobacco products can stain teeth and can interfere with saliva production which helps the surface of your teeth keep clean. Quit! Consider Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking – or get yourself free quitting support from the NHS.

21. Energy drinks

cans - nos
Giving you the energy you need to clean your teeth.

Sugar is one of the main ingredients of sports drinks so make sure you stay away from bottles that are high in sugar. Have a rinse around with a glass of water to help wash it away.

22. Fizzy drinks

energy drinks
Bubbles, so many bubbles.

Your favourite sugary drink could be weakening your tooth enamel so try and limit what you drink. If you have to, then choose a bottle of fizzy drink that’s low in sugar.

23. Sweets

So many colours – so bad for your teeth!

I don’t need to tell you that sweets are bad for your teeth. I don’t just mean sticky sweets – sour sweets, chewy sweets, cakes – they all contain high levels of sugar which will get stuck in your teeth and cause tooth decay.

Good luck with your teeth! 


I’d love to read any comments you have below & don’t forget to share this article if you’ve found it useful…

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Fake (or exaggerate) a relationship.

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Keep the booze close.

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Write about your feelings...or something.

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Keep your e-reader handy.

Keep your e-reader handy.

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Hang out with the kids.

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Fake an injury.

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