10 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds


How do you start your day? If you are like most adults it’s with a ‘Cup of Joe’. About 83 percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S., up from 78 percent in 2012, according to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey. That’s an average of three cups a day per person, or 587 million cups!  With all of that Coffee being consumed, think of the amount of coffee grounds that are being thrown away. Coffee grounds can be re-used for so many different things. Here are just a few ideas!
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1. Pest Repellant

The strong aroma may be endearing to many of us, but is a natural repellant for many insects such as ants, snails and slugs. Having troubles with ants? Trace them to their point of entry and put out some coffee grounds to deter them from returning…more.

2. Homemade Wood Stain

“Most store-bought wood stains contain harsh chemicals and produce terrible fumes, causing hazards for both the environment and the health of those using them. But coffee––while it does have some limitations in terms of coloration––is an incredibly effective, safe, organic, and ecologically responsible alternative.” Learn more here.

photodeckpicflower3. Naturally Deodorizing Flower Vase

By simply taking a mason jar, some ground coffee [to look like soil] and fresh cut flowers from the garden, you can create a beautiful flower vase that not only looks great, but smells great too! The coffee grounds [whether dry or just brewed] will naturally deodorize the room in addition to the beautiful scent that will be given off by the flowers you have selected…more.

4. Fridge Deodorizer

Place old grounds in a mason jar and stick it in your fridge. The coffee will naturally deodorize the space and replace the ever so popular baking soda from it’s duty.


DIY-Exfoliating-Coffee-Scrub-www.bellalimento.com-020-533x8005.  DIY Exfoliating Scrub

“Why should you exfoliate? It sloughs off the dead skin cells and unclogs your pores. All good things in my book. Not to mention with this scrub I have the added benefit of smelling like coffee afterwards.” Recipe here.

6. Natural Fertilizer

Make a homemade garden fertilizer by making a coffee ground “tea”. Simply add 2 cups of used grounds to a 5 gallon bucket of water and allow to steep overnight. This coffee “tea” can then be poured over garden and potted plants as a liquid fertilizer. Read more here.

7. Keep Cats Away

Spread used coffee grounds around the base of your garden to prevent cats from digging. This not only helps your garden but can help neighborhood cats as well since some plants are dangerous to kitties.

8. Add Shine to Hair

Coffee grounds can add shine to your hair and condition it naturally. Work the grounds into clean, wet hair and massage for a few minutes, then rinse”…more


9. Coffee and Cocoa Face Mask

The duo decreases puffiness in the face and the eye area while brightening skin. This easy DIY recipe utilizes old coffee grounds in addition to common kitchen items. Get the recipe here.

10. Hide Furniture Scratches


Do you have some dark wood furniture with a small ding or scratch? Try dipping a cotton swab into steeped grounds and dabbing it onto the scratch. It should take the harshness away from the mark. I would encourage you to test this first on a small spot.


*Please note that Coffee Grounds will become moldy within a few weeks if you store them damp. You can lay them on paper towel to dry before you store them. If you are going to be using it for the garden this step is often unnecessary.

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